A Pup Above Grain Free Frozen Dog Food

A Pup Above

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Product Overview

Good enough for humans- All ingredients are 100% human grade and we only source non-gmo produce and meat without steroids, antibiotics and hormones. Picking The Ugly Produce- Ugly produce has the same amount of vitamins and nutrients, so it’s beautiful to us. We’re always looking for new ways to upcycle other ingredients and materials. 100% Recyclable Packaging- It’s estimated that 300 million lbs of plastic pet food & treat bags are generated each year with 99% not being recycled. We’re out to change that by using 100% recyclable packaging. Good Supply Chain- We like our carbon footprint small. That means sourcing locally and using renewable energy where we can. That’s why our fulfillment center runs on 100% renewable energy. Good Deeds- Each year, we donate 1% of our revenue to the White Buffalo Land Trust to help fund their flagship farm, which is a living, breathing example of regenerative agriculture and a resource for farmers and ranchers from all over the region. Regenerative farming aims to capture carbon from the atmosphere and to restore the health of our soil and water.