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Safe, durable, and timeless. The Classic Bamboo Dog Bowl from Beco Pets is the perfect addition to any pup-loving home! Made from a blend of renewable bamboo and rice husk, this BPA-free bowl is stylish enough to be a fixture in the kitchen and light enough to be taken on the go. It's also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Choose from small or large, depending on your pup's size! Materials Made from a mixture of natural bamboo, rice husks, cornstarch, and PLA resin (PLA is a plant-based material) Certifications Beco Pets won the Ethical Award from the Ethical Company Organization, recognizing them for their outstanding ethical and corporate social responsibility Earth Friendly Features Beco Pets is PETA Approved and does not test on animals Beco Pets donates 5% of profits towards the Beco Foundation, a non-profit charity run by a third-party board that donates to charities and causes helping animals across the world! Product care Dishwasher safe or handwash in warm, soapy water Product Dimensions Small: 6 × 6 in Large: 7.25 × 7.25 in