BoxieCat Pro Scent Free Clumping Litter


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Product Overview

Cleaner Paws = Cleaner Home It started with a question: what does a cat track out of the litter box? BoxiePro’s boosted blend of probiotics deep clean your litter on a microscopic level 24/7, so your cat won't spread unseen waste to kitchen counters, beds, and other areas of the home. BoxiePro’s Flat Top® clumps trap and prevent bacterial and ammonia odors, helping to keep your home fresh and odor free. Cleaner Paws = Cleaner Home is about peace of mind and a more hygienic home for your family. Benefits: Reduces tracking of waste in the home Eliminates odors caused by bacteria Cleaner cat and home environment Natural probiotic formula Instant Flat Top™ clumps Scoops easily, stays clean 99.9% dust free Resists tracking