Carna4 Cat Food Chicken


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This food may look like standard kibble but do not be fooled! Carna4 is uniquely blended with over 50% fresh meats, eggs, whole produce and an amazing mix of certified organic sprouted seeds. These organic seeds have been germinated to unleash a POWERHOUSE of NUTRIENTS naturally, to support your dog’s intestinal health, energy, skin and coat. The unique quick baked air dried manufacturing process of this food allows for the real food nutrition to be preserved giving your pet the real nutrition they need to thrive! Sprouted seeds are loaded with digestive enzymes that build up the immune system so you have a healthy pet from the inside out! NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS! Ingredients: Chicken, chicken liver, eggs, organic sprouted barley seed, herring, ground fava beans, sweet potato, organic sprouted flaxseed, organic sprouted lentils, organic sprouted peas, potato starch, kelp, cranberry, sea salt, sunflower oil, nutritional yeast, natural baking soda. Every batch of Carna4 is tested for 15 different pathogens and toxins. Nothing leaves the bakery until it is checked thoroughly for safety. Guaranteed Analysis: Protein: 40% Fat: 17%,  Fiber: 4%,  Moisture: 10% Calorie Content: 4,400 kcal/kg or 407 kcal/cup