Benebone Puppy


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Product Overview

The puppy line includes two Puppy Packs appropriately sized for tiny puppies under 15 lbs, two small puppy chews for puppies under 30 lbs and one medium Wishbone chew for puppies under 60 lbs. Designed for puppies with a slightly softer material makeup dedicated to teething pups – they’re sure to save your tennis shoes! **A dog’s use of Benebone products should always be supervised. Monitoring and replacement are essential to your dog’s safety. Allergy Notice: Benebones are made of nylon and are made in facilities that process peanuts, tree nuts, chicken, pork, fish, beef and wood. In addition, Benebones may contain peanuts, tree nuts, chicken, pork, fish, beef and/or wood ingredients for flavoring purposes. Therefore, Benebones should not be purchas d for use in households where a human or pet may have an allergy to nylon, peanuts, chicken, pork, fish, beef and/or wood. Replace Frequently: Watch for wear and replace Benebones frequently to ensure that the product remains whole and intact. Though a rough guide only, Benebones should be discarded if more than a sugar cube’s worth of product is missing.  Regardless, the product should be replaced after one month of purchase.  Chomp, but Don’t Eat: They’re bursting with flavor, but Benebones are chew toys and are not edible. As any chew toy or bone wears down, it is possible that some of it may be eaten. Depending on the size, amount, and timing of what is ingested, eating non-edible products can cause gastrointestinal issues. Err on the side of caution – if you think some of your Benebone is being eaten, remove it.